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John Adamson

John Adamson

I am a sculptor / wood carver taking inspiration from the form of the log rather than forcing my ideas on squared timber. I allow the wood to tell me what to carve as I search for the hidden story. I prefer the human figure but my work includes a wide range of subjects. I believe in starting from the natural form of the log, tree or root as these have natural curves and strengths that help to give life and movement to my figures. With square cut timber, these elements are not so evident, and the figure can easily look stiff like a wooden toy soldier. 

As a traditional woodcarver, I cover all the normal work such as lettering. My practice as a jobbing woodcarver includes whatever the client wants, from an Aztec Serpent, a Chainsaw Owl, a Taweret from the Lost series, and a forest of tree sculptures.

Check out this video of John carving his amazing trees!

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