Our Story

Climate change has become the greatest problem we will face
in the next fifty years. TREELOVE wants to join the movement
to combat global warming by offering you the chance to change
the future with a present. Our site features the sustainable
work of different artists and artisans, and any acquisition
is matched with a donation to plant native trees
in the Amazon Rainforest. Consequently, the gift not only provides
the permanent pleasure of a beautiful object, but also the knowledge
that your purchase represents constant life and growth.  


Andréa was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she grew up in close contact with nature. However, it was only when her five kids were off to secondary school that she fully committed to her mission of doing her part to reforest the Amazon. Andréa is an ambassador for Human Rights Watch in Brazil and runs two educational programs in the communities of Vidigal and Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro. She has been based in London for the past 25 years and her passions are education and the environment.


Belén was born in Santiago, Chile, and raised in Northern Spain, where she grew up surrounded by mountains and greenery. She understood early on the importance of respecting nature and taking care of it, focusing especially on the impact that nature has on people. Belén is passionate about the intersection between the environment, human rights and mental health, making this the focus of her job at TreeLove.

Our Story


We're especially grateful to:

Elizabeth Saltzman

For inspiring us to start this journey

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