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Family Forest



Imagine a world where we all stand together to face the storms. What could be more protective than a circle of trees? In this Family Forest, you are never alone and always have protection from within your loved ones with these trees planted for each family member in circle! The mobile indoor version will be at home or during travels so that even when separated by distance there is still comfort found amongst one another's company as energy flows through space like waves on shoreline sand. With their natural, aged appearance and slight movement they will be the talk of your next gathering. These trees are individually crafted from reclaimed wood, a material known for its grounding properties.

Each piece plants 1 tree.

Small: 10cm.

Medium: 14cm.

Large: 17cm.


"I have a group of 4 trees for my family and my children love them. Whenever my son feels nervous for an exam we place him in the middle of our circle and he feels as if we are giving him support through the examination week. He really showed more positivity with this idea from and would come home and check daily if we had moved the set up around."

- Amarylis Fraser


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