Zoom Felt Earth Ball
Zoom Felt Earth Ball

Felt Earth Ball


This unique felted Earth is designed in Denmark by Én Gry & Sif and 100% handmade in Nepal by very skilled Nepalese women. All products are handmade, so there is only “one” of each, since there will always be small differences in each product. 

"All our products are handmade of 100% wool and the wool comes from New Zealand. All our products are a piece of art in itself because many man-hours and hard work are given to the product – so there is automatically a piece of soul in each product. In fact, felt making is an ancient technique. You add warm soapy water to the wool, press and rub the wool and the fibres will tighten into a felted textile material. Gradually as the fibres are tightening together we start to shape a Christmas stocking or any other item in the shape we want. If the decoration bird, heart etc. is made in more than one colour e.g. a flower, then you just add/felt this colour into it. During the process the item is wet. When we have the item as we like it then it is being dried. Afterwards the item is ready to be decorated with embroidery, fasten flowers or pearls etc. – everything is made by hand."


13 cm diameter.

Suitable from age above 3.

This item plants two trees in the Amazon through the Black Jaguar Foundation.

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